Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ethan's 6 Month Photos

Here are the six month photos of our sweet Ethan! We love him so much it makes us sick! :-)

Really, he is such a joy. Such a happy, excited, loving person. I never expected to love motherhood so much. I always knew I would love my children. I never doubted that. I sort of doubted how much I'd love actually being a mom, though, and I have been joyfully surprised ("pleasantly surprised" didn't seem like a strong enough way of describing it.)

He was a little tired and hungry when we took these pictures, so he wasn't quite the perma-excited little boy of usual, but we still got some gems.

(The photographer said he looks like Eeyore in that last one. Hehe.)


  1. These are such wonderful pictures! What a precious, little chunk!

  2. Beautiful boy!!! He is so precious it hurts.

  3. My beautiful nephew. I love you so much :)