Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May I?

What a month this has been! Ryan graduated from SUU. We went on our anniversary trip (a little early) which was a lovely 7-night cruise along the Mexican Riviera. We went to Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. We went parasailing (tandem, of course, so we could smooch and hold hands) and I conquered a crippling fear of heights. We kayaked on the ocean and went snorkeling. In California, we went to Los Angeles/Venice Beach and played with my best friend/maid of honor, JuJu. Ryan turned 24 and we celebrated one night just us at the resort in Brian Head, and the next night with friends. We did what Ryan wanted: had dinner at Chili's and saw Iron Man 2. Elena and Noah had birthdays. Ryan's twin had a birthday, too. ;-) Mothers Day occurred. Our only niece, Mia, turned one and we went to Sandy for her first birthday party - a big event including a bounce house! I finally received benefits (medical and dental) at work. AND Ryan got the job he REALLY wanted, so we will be moving in July either to the Salt Lake area or to Utah County. It's very exciting because right out of college he was able to get a job that fits in his career path and that he will absolutely love. I'm so proud of him. He also made all As and the Dean's List in his last semester of college. :-)

And the month is not even over yet!

What's next?