Thursday, December 9, 2010

Onward to Oregon!

Let me just state for the record I have no idea how to use this thing. I don't know how to "become a follower," I don't know how to set it up so it looks nice, I don't know anything at all. I already keep a journal online and feel like I can't be bothered to try and learn to navigate a new site.

But, I'm getting really excited for our Oregon Christmas and I thought I'd share why.

Reasons I Can't Wait to go to Oregon

-I get to see my family who I never really see anymore.
-I get to see my sister who I have not seen in one whole year.
-It's prettier than Utah. Sorry, but it's true.
-The trees.
-Can't wait to fly over Portland and see all the water, boats, and forests.
-The smell. I love that wet tree smell in the early morning in Oregon.
-I get to meet my cousin's baby.
-I get to see said cousin and his awesome wife and hopefully do a double date like last year when we went to a Winterhawks game and out to dinner.
-Annual trip to Sleighbells for the tree hunt and then the grunt and toil of getting it cut down and carried down the big hill. Seeing Santa and the free hot chocolate and the ornament shop.
-We'll get to see Heidi and Deric and MEET THEIR BABY!!! I can't wait.
-The Portland Temple. I'm excited to do sealings there and think about our sealing.
-My family is moving, so I'm excited to enjoy one last Christmas in that house.
-Downtown Portland. Oh how I miss the vibe of Portland. I just want to walk around in that city and be happy just to be there.

Oh Portland, how I love thee.