Friday, November 26, 2010


Every year at Thanksgiving I try to write what I am thankful for, corresponding to my age. I am 25, so here it is.

I'm thankful for...

1. The temple.
2. My job - how it teaches me, increases my patience, increases my love.
3. A wonderful ward.
4. My parents.
5. Missionary opportunities and my calling.
6. My sweet husband - specifically for his love and patience and how he supports me and encourages me.
7. Insurance.
8. When the alarm goes off early and we sacrifice "getting ready" time to have the cuddles.
9. Preschoolers - how they make me laugh, brighten my world, make me love even more, and help me rediscover the magic of colors, words, shapes, and worms.
10. Cosby Show for making me laugh and being wholesome.
11. Sales ads - allowing me to grocery shop in a way that is better for my family.
12. Literature.
13. Scriptures - the opportunity lately to read the New Testament and learn more of Christ.
14. The priesthood, and the way my husband honors his.
15. Paul Cardall - his music casts peace over my home.
16. Our anniversary trip and all the memories it provides.
17. Medical advancements.
18. A Heavenly Father who listens, who knows my needs when I don't.
19. Nail polish.
20. The Sacrament.
21. Personal revelation and free agency.
22. Ryan's job and benefits.
23. General Conference.
24. James Talmage and Jesus the Christ.
25. Weekly date night.

I am thankful.