Monday, April 16, 2012

20 Random Things

Heidi did this on her blog, and since I don't blog often and probably won't again for a while, I thought I'd use the inspiration. 20 random things about yourself. I really did strive to be random and not write a bunch of generic things.

1.  I loved being pregnant. It's the one time I can remember feeling beautiful, even when I didn't look beautiful at all. I felt beautiful, even on my ugliest days. It was just this deeper, abiding beauty that had nothing to do with how I actually looked.

2.  My two favorite boy names are and pretty much always have been Ryan and Ethan. I married a Ryan and named our first son Ethan Ryan. Oops. Sorry to any future sons. I already used up the only ones I like on your eldest brother.

3.  My best friend and I are totally different people and sometimes I wonder if we would be friends if we met today for the first time. We became best friends in third grade, though, and it's like sisterhood - we don't need to have anything in common, we don't even need to talk that often, we've still got each others' back forever, no matter what.

4.  I've never wished I had a different name. And you wouldn't either, if your name was Lola. Being a Lola makes life more fun. And people want to meet you and then tell people they have a friend named Lola. And when guys go out with you, they like to brag that they took someone named Lola out. It's a fact.
5.  Chili's mashed potatoes. They are where it's at. The second my water broke, my mom and husband knew to get to Chili's and get me them potatoes.

6.  I really don't dislike anyone. (Except for you. Yeah, I'm looking at you.)

7.  When you see me staring off into space, I'm almost undoubtedly analyzing a word in my mind and trying to figure out its origins...or something else equally nerdy but fascinating to me. Anyway, if you think I'm analyzing you, I'm not. I probably looked at you with the intention of mouthing something to you but got lost thinking about my word and never took my eyes off your face. My apologies. You don't look fat in that sweater.

8.  Even though I believe I can be happy anywhere, now and then I look out the car window or something and feel completely panicked by how ugly Utah is. It's worse if I've just come from a stressful event, such as the doing of taxes. It's like, "Ohmygosh, not only is life stressing me out, but I'm somewhere ugly! I can't even look out the window for respite and comfort because ALL I SEE IS UGLINESS." Suddenly I feel like a scared child for a few moments. I honestly panic.

9.  I don't really ever want a dog because they are generally not soft enough for me. They are coarser than cats and I like soft, cuddly things.

10.  The sight of my baby's feet can send me into spasms of joy.

11.  I think I am hilarious. Nobody else agrees with me, but at least I can entertain myself. I will lay in bed and laugh at my own jokes. I don't even care that no one else thinks I'm funny. I think I'm funny.

12.  I rarely notice anyone's shoes. I know that's supposed to be like a girl thing, to judge a guy by his shoes, or something? I don't notice shoes. I notice if you are a jerk. (Just kidding, but I do like nice people.)

 13.  I think this is genetic because my grandma, aunt, dad, and a couple siblings are the same way, but I cannot handle cuteness. It is too much for me. I just need to squeeze and bite and devour. I chew on my son all the time. Luckily, he likes it, and laughs. I find myself sort of shaking (so I can quell the intensity of my affections) when I hold a baby that I love and adore. I NEED to chew cute babies! Don't be scurred.

14.  Just thinking about the movies Labyrinth or Purple Rain makes me mad. Worst movies ever.

15.  I got married on July 11 and had my first baby on July 11 (different years, of course). What's more, July 11 is National Cheer Up the Lonely Day (perfect for a wedding) and World Population Day (perfect for baby-having). It's also National Free Slurpee Day, and that just makes it all the "sweeter!" Ha ha ha...(that's one of those jokes I'll lay in bed cracking up about later).

16.  I have a huge pet peeve about people using the word "text" as a past tense thing. IT IS NOT PAST TENSE JUST BECAUSE "XT" MAKES THE "-ed" SOUND! "St" does the same thing, but you wouldn't say, "I blast the music last night." YOU'D SAY YOU BLASTED IT. When someone says, "Well, I text him and told him we'd meet at 5," or something, I have to sit on my hands so as not to break something.

17.  I feel like a hypocrite because I say I'm not a bandwagoner, but I've read all of the Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games books.

18.  Before I gave birth, the only girls I knew who'd had 10 pound babies were girls who are like, six feet tall (or at least, taller than average). I was in awe of these women back then. Mine was 9 1/2 pounds, and I'm only five one and a half. He was not a C-section. This makes me feel like I am made of awesome.

19.  When I wake up in Oregon on a summer's day, I sneeze (on average) thirty times in a row.

20.  My parents say it's my fault my cat went totally crazy and possessed because I named a black cat Snowflake. I was in third grade and I thought it was clever. I still wonder on a regular basis what made that cat turn into a demon.